Roster Deadline

Wednesday, November 27th at midnight rosters for all U16 and U18 teams will be locked. After this time teams will no longer be able to add players to rosters. Please ensure all players are listed on your teams roster on the website. Players not listed on the rosters in these divisions will not be permitted to play in games beginning this weekend.

U10, U12 and U18 rosters were locked on November 13.

Important Dates

October 11 - Club team numbers due

October 15 - Proof of insurance due

October 18 - Team fees due for U10, U12 & U14 teams

October 22 - Club Presidents manditory meeting (7pm at Basinview Cafeteria)

October 26/27 - First games for U10, U12 & U14 boys and girls

November 8 - Team fees due for U16 & U18 teams

November 10 - First games for U18 & U18 boys and girls

November 13 - Rosters lock for U10, U12 & U14, no players may be added after this date

November 27 - Rosters lock for U16 & U18, no players may be added after this date


2019/20 Season Information

Dates of Play
U14 Girls will play their weekly games on Sunday

CLICK HERE for 2019/20 Dates of Play

Team Fees
There will be no change in team fees for this coming season. Fees will remain at $1495 per team.

U16 Division Age Cut-off Change

Age cut-off deadline change: This is the year the age cut-off for the U16 division changes from October 1 to January 1st.
To be eligible to play in Under 16, a player must not have reached the age of 16 prior to January 1st of the current season.

Rule Changes
The following was voted on and passed at the AGM:

There was some confusion around appeals. The following changes was made to the constitution:

Motion: That Section 3.3 of the MBA Constitution & By-Laws be changed to read, 3.3 Any player, coach, manager, team or club suspended by the MBA shall have the right to appeal any suspension above and beyond the standard suspensions set out in section 18.9 of the “Metro Basketball Association Rules of Play” document to the Appeals Committee. The suspension must continue to be served until such time as the appeal is heard, the appeal shall be heard by the MBA within a timely fashion

Motion: That Section 3.3.1 be added to the MBA Constitution & By-Laws and shall read, Appeals may not be made on game officials judgement.
Clarification was added to rule 11.6 and 12.9 which dealt with a team retreating back following a score in U10 and U12.

Motion: That Section 11.6 and 12.9 of the MBA Rules of Play be changed to read, No Full Court Defence - After a made basket, or dead ball in the front court, the team now going on defense must retreat back to the 3 point line area in their own back court until the opposing team crosses half court. In the case where there is no 3 point line, the top of the key area should be used. After a defensive team violation, the offensive team will be permitted to inbound the ball in their own backcourt, regardless of the spot of the violation.

Motion: That Section 11.6.1 and 12.9.1 be added to the MBA Rules of Play and read, Should the defending team violate the rule and the official stops the game, the ensuing throw-in will take place at the top of the three point line (or key if not three point line) in the offensive teams back court.

All of the above mention motions passed at the AGM. 

What's new

Reminder: Late Game Policy

Basketball in the MBA is played under rules established by FIBA as well as a number of additions and variations which are meant to adapt the game more specifically to youth play. These latter rules are known as the Metro

New to 4 on 4 U10?

New this season U10 will play 10 shifts instead of the 12 played last season. With this comes a few changes: Play will be 10 x 3:30 minute shifts, stop time The game will be broken up into 2 halfs instead of 4