Thanks for a Great Season!

2015/16 Metro Basketball Association AGM

Date: June 7th, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Bedford Hammonds Plains Community Centre


2014/15 Minutes

League Managers Report

Presidents Report

Committee Report

Congratulations to all teams who have in the MBA. Good luck to all teams in your post seasons!!




All teams must show proof of insurance prior to October 15, 2015

Team League Fees

League Fees for the 2014/15 season will be $1475 per team.

U10 Development Divisions

The number of shifts have been reduced to 10 shifts. Each shift will be 3:30 in length (stop time)

U14, U12, U10 Development Divisions

The penatly for zone defence has changed and will be as follows:

  • 1st Offence, warning
  • 2nd and any subsequence offence, one shot and posession of the ball at the point of inturuption.

What's new

Why are our Youth Motivated to Play Sports?

This year the Metro Minor Basketball Association is collaborating with a Dalhousie research project that is being led by Shea Balish—a PhD student and current MBA coach.

New to 4 on 4 U10?

New this season U10 will play 10 shifts instead of the 12 played last season. With this comes a few changes: Play will be 10 x 3:30 minute shifts, stop time The game will be broken up into 2 halfs instead of 4