January 13, 2018 - All games at St. Agnes Jr. High are cancelled for the day due to missing floor tiles.


MBA Play-offs

Apply to host

The MBA will once again be using a tournament style for the 2019 Play-Offs. Any MBA teams and/or clubs interested in hosting one or more divisions are asked to fill out the form at the link above. The idea behind having the teams host is two-fold:

  1. Teams are able to provide a better experience for all involved
  2. Gives the opportunity for a team to do some fundraising if they wish.

As a host, we ask for two things, you make something special of the medal presentations and keep a tournament bracket/schedule up to date in the gym. We leave it up to each individual host to come up with the extras and other things that make the weekend about more then just a game.

There will be no costs to the hosts unless you wish to do something outside of what we provide. All scheduling, gym, official and scorekeeper bookings will be taken care of by the league and every tournament will be provided with gold and silver medals. Hosts are not permitted to charge at the door, but may do things such as 50/50 draws or run a canteen (for example).

We will make every effort to schedule the division in your associations area, however, note this may not always be possible.

2019 Tournament Dates

February 1st to 3rd - All division U12.

February 8th to 10th - All divisions U14.

February 22nd to 24th - All divisions U16 & U18

Note: Friday evening will only be used where necessary.

These dates may be changed in the event of inclement weather.

Over the last few weeks we have run into issues with games running late at various gyms for a variety of reasons. This message is being sent out to all club contacts, officials and scorekeepers to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to completing games on time. Please pass along the message below to your respective associations.

The MBA rules of play state the following:
5.1.3 [U10] Games shall not exceed a maximum duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.
5.2.3 [U12] Games shall not exceed a maximum duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.
5.3.3 [U14] Games shall not exceed a maximum duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
5.4.2 [U16 & U18] Games shall not exceed a maximum duration of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure all games begin on time and the last game at any gym does not get cut short because of earlier games running late. In 2016 the MBA adopted the following policy:

• At the expiry of the allotted time for the game, if the game clock has more than 2 minutes remaining, the clock shall be reset to 2 minutes and the game may proceed from that point.
• At the expiry of the allotted time for the game, if the game clock has 2 minutes or less remaining the game may proceed as per normal play.
• If a game is found to be running late, half-time and period breaks may be shortened or eliminated at the discretion of the game officials (scorekeepers and referees).

Note: Games should never be played with running time to make up time. This is what the above was brought in to deal with.

Any game that starts late because of the previous game running late will not be cut off as noted above because the earlier games did not follow the policy.



What's new

Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame Camp of Excellence

Last year the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame created a unique opportunity for the young basketball players in our province. As an extension of our Future Hall of Famers Education program we hoped to motivate and inspire the players by using the expertise of some of the best coaches, trainers and athletes our small province has to offer.


Basketball Nova Scotia & Metro Basketball Association in cooperation with All-Canada Basketball Camps (adidas brand partner) present the 2018 Junior Phenom Basketball Camp which is set for April 20th-22nd, 2018 at Mount Saint Vincent University. We had an amazing camp last year and looking forward to taking camp to another level once again. Each player will now receive a full customized adidas uniform with last name and number!