Interested in Score Keeping for the Upcoming Season?

Registration is now open for those interested in score keeping games for the upcoming (2019-20) MBA season. All interested must be in grade 9 or older and attend the manditory clinic.


CLICK HERE to register


Clinic Information

Date: Saturday, October 5th

Time: 9am to 1pm

Location: NSCC Waterfront Campus, Room 2200

Note: Please bring pen/pencil and paper for note taking. There will be a test following the clinic.

2019/20 Season Information

Dates of Play
U14 Girls will play their weekly games on Sunday

CLICK HERE for 2019/20 Dates of Play

Team Fees
There will be no change in team fees for this coming season. Fees will remain at $1495 per team.

U16 Division Age Cut-off Change

Age cut-off deadline change: This is the year the age cut-off for the U16 division changes from October 1 to January 1st.
To be eligible to play in Under 16, a player must not have reached the age of 16 prior to January 1st of the current season.

Rule Changes
The following was voted on and passed at the AGM:

There was some confusion around appeals. The following changes was made to the constitution:

Motion: That Section 3.3 of the MBA Constitution & By-Laws be changed to read, 3.3 Any player, coach, manager, team or club suspended by the MBA shall have the right to appeal any suspension above and beyond the standard suspensions set out in section 18.9 of the “Metro Basketball Association Rules of Play” document to the Appeals Committee. The suspension must continue to be served until such time as the appeal is heard, the appeal shall be heard by the MBA within a timely fashion

Motion: That Section 3.3.1 be added to the MBA Constitution & By-Laws and shall read, Appeals may not be made on game officials judgement.
Clarification was added to rule 11.6 and 12.9 which dealt with a team retreating back following a score in U10 and U12.

Motion: That Section 11.6 and 12.9 of the MBA Rules of Play be changed to read, No Full Court Defence - After a made basket, or dead ball in the front court, the team now going on defense must retreat back to the 3 point line area in their own back court until the opposing team crosses half court. In the case where there is no 3 point line, the top of the key area should be used. After a defensive team violation, the offensive team will be permitted to inbound the ball in their own backcourt, regardless of the spot of the violation.

Motion: That Section 11.6.1 and 12.9.1 be added to the MBA Rules of Play and read, Should the defending team violate the rule and the official stops the game, the ensuing throw-in will take place at the top of the three point line (or key if not three point line) in the offensive teams back court.

All of the above mention motions passed at the AGM.


Congratulations to all MBA teams on the completion of a successful 2018/19 season. Good luck in your post season tournaments!!


2018/19 MBA Champions

U12 Boys Champions Finalist
Division 1 Community YMCA Panthers - Gero West End Steelers - Brothers
Division 2 East Preston Pacers - Coward Dartmouth Lakers - Stewart
Division 3 Fall River Rebels - Royal  Halifax Hurricanes - Kynoch
Division 4 St. Margarets Bay SLAM - Hogue Community YMCA Panthers - Hiles
Division 5 Sackville Storm - Fougere Fall River Rebels - Brien
Division 6 Bedford Eagles - Morton/Rankin/Snider Cole Harbour Rockets - Adderson
Division 7 Sackville Storm - Branscombe Dartmouth Lakers - Gareau
U12 Girls Champions Finalist
Division 1 ABA Celtics - Hoyt Halifax Hurricanes - Chiasson 
Division 2 St. Margarets Bay SLAM - Longely Community YMCA Panthers - Tolliver
Division 3 Dartmouth Lakers - Koivu Bedford Eagles - White
Division 4 West End Steelers - Galloway Mainland Express - Johnson
Division 5 Bedford Eagles - Cameron Norwood Knights - McKenzie
U14 Boys Champions Finalist
Division 1 North Preston Bulls - Glasgow Community YMCA Panthers - Paris
Division 2 Community YMCA Panthers - Sampson Cole Harbour Rockets - MacDonald
Division 3 Cole Harbour Rockets - Devine Bedford Eagles - Simms
Division 4 Shooting Star - Johnson St. Margarets Bay SLAM - Banks
Division 5 Philippine Tamaraws - Ignacio St. Margarets Bay SLAM - MacLellan
Division 6 Prospect Bulls - Diviney St. Margarets Bay SLAM - Scott
Division 7 Cole Harbour Rockets - Sabinski Bedford Eagles - Hatfield/Henderson
U14 Girls Champions Finalist
Division 1 ABA Celtics - Fuller Valley Heat - Starratt
Division 1A Fall River Rebels - Lancaster   Cole Harbour Rockets - Langille  
Division 2 St. Margarets Bay SLAM - Brunt Community YMCA Panthers - Barrington
Division 3 Dartmouth Lakers - Day Halifax Hurricanes - Darby
Division 4 Sackville Storm - Comeau Cole Harbour Rockets - Francois
U16 Boys Champions Finalist
Division 1 Community YMCA Panthers - Wright Bedford Eagles - Gibb  
Division 2 St. Margarets Bay SLAM - MacDonald Tri County Tigers - Hopewell
Division 3 Philippine Tamaraws - Valencia   Community YMCA Panthers - AbiDaoud
Division 4 Halifax Vipers - Gabriel Dartmouth Lakers - Meredith
Division 5 St. Margarets Bay SLAM - MacNeil Mainland Express - Clarke
Division 6 Cole Harbour Rockets - Randell West End Steelers - Greene
U16 Girls Champions Finalist
Division 1 Community YMCA Panthers - Walter Colchester Tigers - Clyke
Division 2 Sackville Storm - Zinck Dartmouth Lakers - Power
Division 3 Tri County Tigers - Horne West End Steelers - Murphy
Division 4 West End Steelers - Matheson St. Margarets Bay SLAM - Lightfoot
U18 Boys Champions Finalist
Division 1 Cole Harbour Rockets - Bonaparte ABA Celtics - Roberts 
Division 2 Sackville Storm - Ramsay Halifax Hurricanes - Thorne


What's new

Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame Camp of Excellence

Last year the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame created a unique opportunity for the young basketball players in our province. As an extension of our Future Hall of Famers Education program we hoped to motivate and inspire the players by using the expertise of some of the best coaches, trainers and athletes our small province has to offer.


Basketball Nova Scotia & Metro Basketball Association in cooperation with All-Canada Basketball Camps (adidas brand partner) present the 2018 Junior Phenom Basketball Camp which is set for April 20th-22nd, 2018 at Mount Saint Vincent University. We had an amazing camp last year and looking forward to taking camp to another level once again. Each player will now receive a full customized adidas uniform with last name and number!