Board of Directors

  • If you're a player - Contact your Coach or Club representative
  • If you're a coach - Contact your Club representative or League Scheduler
  • If you're a parent - Contact your Coach or Club Representative.
  • If you're a parent and have issues with your respective club - Contact the League Manager via e-mail with a short description of issue
  • If you're a Club President / Rep - Contact the League Manager or League President
  • If you're a Score keeper - Contact Head Scorer
  • If you're a parent of a Score keeper - Contact Head Scorekeeper  


League Manager: Chris Lerette (
League Scheduler: Tammy Bourgeois (
Head Scorekeeper: Joel Leger (

MBA Executive

President: Stewart Malloy (
Vice President: Andrea Johnson
Secretary: Chris Holland
Treasurer: Shane Mailman
Past President: Kandace Terris

MBA Board

Mike Cairns
Brett Haley
Rene Gannon
Allan Day
James Rafuse
Nicki Murphy
Lori Matheson
John Hope
Irvine Carvery
Shawn Fuller