Division Coordinators 2016 - 2017

  • If you're a player - Contact your Coach or Club representative 
  • If you're a coach - Contact your Club representative or Division Coordinator
  • If you're a parent - Contact your Coach or Club Representative.
  • If you're a parent and have issues with your respective club - Contact the League Manager via e-mail with a short description of issue
  • If you're a Club President / Rep - Contact the League Manager or League President
  • If you're a Score keeper - Contact Head Scorer
  • If you're a parent of a Score keeper - Contact Head Scorekeeper  

U10 Girls

All Division: Jeff Lockhart (jeff_lockhart@hotmail.com)

U10 Boys

All Divisions: Curtis Gabriel (cgabriel901@gmail.com)

U12 Girls

All Division: Tarri Baker (tkempbaker@hotmail.com)

U12 Boys

All Divisions: Urusula Fournier (urs.fournier@hotmail.com)
All Divisions: Karen Brown (k.brown@eastlink.ca)

U14 Girls

Division ??: Keith Higgins (k_m_higgins@hotmail.com)

U14 Boys

Division 1, 2, 3: Stan MacVicar (stan.macvicar@avrsb.ca)
Division 4, 5, 6: Wayne Pickett (wayne.pickett@doctorsns.com)

U16/18 Girls

All Division: Bill MacEachern (bmace@mbans.ca)

U16 Boys

Division 1 & 2: Chris Holland (cholland@h2atlantic.com)
Division 3 & 4: Mike Cairns (mike@viewpoint.ca)

U18 Boys

All Divisions: Tammy Bourgeois (tbourgeois1215@gmail.com)