2017/18 Season Information

Dates of Play
These have been updated on the website, there are a couple changes this season. During the second lst weekend of play the U10 group will not play both Saturday and Sunday, they will play on the Saturday only. They will play their last game the following Saturday. BNS has moved their Jamboree for this age group back a week as well.

CLICK HERE for 2017/18 Dates of Play

Team Fees
There will be no change in team fees for this coming season. Fees will remain at $1495 per team.

Rule Changes
The following was voted on and passed at the AGM. The following will be added to the rules for U10 this coming season:
12.14     No Screening – Screening of any kind is NOT permitted (including ball screens, area screens, and dribble weaves/handoffs). If there is a screen set, legal or not, and there is contact it will be called a foul. If there is a screen set, legal or not, and there is no contact it will be a turnover.

Division Coordinators
We are looking for division coordinators for next season. If there is someone within your organization who may be interested in assisting with this roll please have the contact the League Manager (lerettcp@mbans.ca). Division Coordinators play a vital role in operating the league. They have three main focus areas:
1)    Division Alignment
2)    Acting as a liaison between the teams and the league
3)    Scheduling games

Board Members
We still have a few vacancies on our board of directors for Member at Large positions. If you or anyone within your club is interested in sitting on the board for the MBA please contact Kandace Terris, MBA President by e-mail (president@mbans.ca)

Association Contact Information
If you are no longer the contact person for your association could you please pass along the new persons contact info so I can update my list.