Storm Day Policy

Generally, the league will not cancel games due to bad weather unless in very severe weather.

If a storm does cause cancellation then the League Manager for the Association will make that decision along with the President of the league, post to the web site starting at 6:30am, e-mail all contacts in the MBA by e-mail and inform the club presidents who have will also have the responsibility for contacting all coaches in their clubs to make sure they received the message. 

As a general policy the league will attempt to avoid full day cancellations and will usually cancel the early morning games if it has been an overnight storm. If the storm begins during the day and forces cancellations the games are generally the last ones scheduled for that day.
**The executive want to make it totally clear; the ultimate decision for travel on days of inclement weather is that of the parents, we realize it is only a game. However in many cases that are borderline, we are charged for the rentals, the referees, the scorers and do not get this refunded, thus our reluctance to cancel based on forcasts, your decision is based on other factors and is ultimately the final decision.