Rescheduling Procedure

All Rescheduling requests must go through Chris Lerette

A. To change game time with same date.
The coach making the request to change a game time must first:

- Contact the coach of the other team they are scheduled to play to get consent.

- Contact the other 2 coaches, the pending change would effect, and get both their consent.

- If / when you get this far, the coach asking for the request would then contact the division coordinator by e-mail (with other coaches cc'd) and ask for approval of the change.

- The coordinator will either refuse OR submit to League manager.

- League Manager will authorize or deny.

- If approved, the LM will inform the coordinator to change the schedule accordingly.

AFTER ALIGNMENT WEEKS, THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BY TUESDAY PRECEDING THE REQUESTING SCHEDULED DATE , PRIOR TO ALIGNMENT COMPLETION - WEEK TO WEEK, YOU CAN REQUEST ANYTIME AFTER SCHEDULE IS POSTED. (If you are aware of possible conflicting times prior to posting, there is nothing wrong with advising and requesting of "game time" from your coordinator).

B. To change a game to an alternate date

This will NOT be permitted without 30 day prior notice - no exceptions - contact Chris Lerette to request. (please see "D" below and ** bottom of page for additional information)


D. Season dates are posted each September at the latest. If your team decides to enter any tournaments, other sporting events, etc. up to first 3 weeks of play, changes to schedule or request to reschedule, will not be permitted during this alignment period.

** When Rescheduling process has been followed and approved you will be required to schedule the "make-up" game. To reschedule during a week night or outside of the regular MBA timeframe, you as the requestor will need to provide an approved (suitable & safe) gym as well as an official scorekeeper. We recommend you contact Brennan Curry to obtain the services of a trained MBA scorer. You will also be required to pay for this scorer at time of game. The MBA will provide and pay for the referees.