Referee Issues (Comments, questions, concerns, complaints, accolades.)

The MBA request our referees from the only referee association in our area, M.A.B.O

The Metro Area Basketball Officials (MABO) is NOT part of the MBA. We work together as partners to bring you this sport, without either, the other is not possible.


If you have comments, please air your concerns to the proper authority:

If you are a coach, or any part of the team personnel, contact...

President OR Club Contact only:
(After sent to Club Contact / President, and they feel your concerns are legit, they will pass them on to the league manager, who along with the league executive, will address to the MABO supervisor. This
is the protocol that MABO and MBA have mutually adopted - Any response will be submitted to the club president).

If you are a parent or team supporter, contact...

Team Coach, who inturn will need to contact Club President or Club Contact only. (In Cases where you may feel the coach does not pass this information on, copy your teams Club President or Club Contact.

This protocol is vital if you want your concerns heard and you have a substantiated "complaint". If you do not follow the proper protocol, your concerns will not be heard, nor reviewed.

Please be advised that the League Executive of the MBA has received many communiques on referees both good and bad, as human nature goes, most bad. We have tabulated and organized to help us address the members concerns, while having a healthy working environment with MABO & NSBO. Please note that we are not sitting on these legit concerns and take them very serious. It is a major concern for us, to ensure we meet our goals. At this time, the MBA and MABO are working very closely with each other to bring the play, coaching and officiating together in unison, while striving to improve both associations. It should be noted that in the years of our association with the league, the communication and liaison between both associations has never been more positive. This is a good start, with your help in following this protocol, it will only get better. 

MBA Executive