Join as New Club/Team

To Join as a Club Within the HRM Area

- You must register a minimum of two (2) teams, preferably one team being of the U10 or U12 division, ensuring continuity for your club.

- You must not be in close proximity to an existing club. (possible exceptions).

To Join as a Club/Team Outside of the HRM Area

- Clubs / Teams from outside of the HRM is permitted entry, however the maximum radius is 1.5 hour driving distance.  

- You must commit to play all regular scheduled games and play-offs in the HRM.

The Following Applies to Both Cases Above

- You may not contact, in any way, any existing players or parents of existing players of any club.

- A team roster for any new club / team must be submitted for review to ensure these players have not been contacted, recruited from existing clubs.

- All new Clubs / Teams wishing to enter the MBA will need to submit application of intent prior to the AGM (usually held in June) for the next season entrance.

- All submissions must be made by way of a letter or e-mail and sent to the League Manager.

Before you start the process, get all the required information from the League Manager, who will submit your application to the Executive for final approval.

**No single break-away teams are permitted to join. If their present club is not offering a specific division or the coach / parents are unhappy with their present club exec, they must first apply to alternate club to join that has a specific division they wish to join and get prior approval to do so from both clubs, before submitting the request to the league. (Note we will not facilitate such moves, though the MBA Exec reserves the right to all final approvals in these matters).