General Q and A

Q: Why can't the schedule be completed to year end?

A: The schedule can't be completed to year's end due to our alignment process and the re-alignment . 
What we attempt to do is schedule the first 3 weeks, then a schedule to Christmas (4 games) and last, a schedule to the season's end (5). Play-offs follow.

Q: Why does the schedule always seem to change?
A: If and when schedules change, it'll be in most cases for the following reasons: Due to the schools we have booked advising us that the school principle has requested this gym / date for their own use. They are required to give us 2 weeks notice, at which time we seek an alternative gym and reschedule accordingly.
Coordinators may have missed a "dual" coach request and scheduled games at same time. One gym slot is scheduled by 2 coordinators. Teams rescheduling within alotted time. Slippery gym floors. Complaints from gym facilitators of rowdy group or property damage.

Q: Who schedules our games?
A: The division coordinators listed on the web schedule all games. They are assigned gym slots from the LM.

Q: Why play on Sunday mornings?
A: We try to have the older divisions (Midget and Juvenile / Junior) play from 9am to 6pm window. Bantam Boys, we did our best to start at 12 noon to 6pm when first had our trial season. However, we are limited with gym time and this can not be guaranteed in any way.

Q: Why do older division teams play on Sunday?

A: Many older kids have part time jobs on Saturdays, this eliminates many of their conflicts. Though with Sunday shopping a reality, it could be evened out in future seasons, this will depend on the division sizes and the club's requests.

Q: Why do we always play at the same gym? 
A: Teams who usually play at the same gym weekly, 2 main reasons - 1st. In the higher more competitive divisions, the referee association requests us to book all games at one site. Their reason for this is their assigning of Level 1 officials are limited. 2nd, there are only so many gym slots assigned to the coordinators where they can assign games, so in many instances they have limited gyms to assign various geographical teams.
Example: Jr. Mini Boys 24 teams total:  12 gym slots required in total / 6 slots at Gym #1 - 3 slots Gym #2 - 2 Gym slots Gym #3 - 1 Gym slot Gym #4 

Q: Why have we only played a total of 6 games in our division and others have played 8, I thought we were all guaranteed 12 regular season games?
A: In understanding the entire process of regular season, all cross-over games, exhibition games and games within a specific division are all considered part of the 12 games guarantee. The division your team may end up in is the record posted as the stats.

Q: How can it be fair if a team in our division plays 10 games that count in standings and we only play 6 games because we moved from another division or played more cross-over games then they did?
A: First lets explain how easy this would be to happen and why it does, if we have a dominant team in a division and another so / so team in that division, we seldom will match up the dominant team against lower level teams for cross-over evaluation games and very possibly will have the so/so team play 3 and sometimes 4 cross-overs to ensure their proper seeding. Another aspect of cross-over games being played happens in two divisions with uneven numbers, this is an opportunity for some teams to play weaker players more while the lower level team having better competition.
As for the games within a division counting thus given some teams a disadvantage, if fact in most cases it is just the opposite.
Standings are based solely on percentage of win / loss; therefore if a team with a 10 game 4 wins / 6 losses have a 400% record, while the team who played 6 game 3 win / 3 loss have a 500% record. - ALL TEAMS MAKE PLAY-OFFS, WE GUARANTEE 2 PLAYOFF GAMES UNDERSTANDING THAT BYES ARE CONSIDERED GAMES PLAYED. 

After we re-align the divisions (see re-alignement) the standings are modified to reflect only games played against opponents who NOW are still in the same division.

Example:You played Team A, Team B and Team C. After re-alignment only Team B is still in the same division as your team, then that will be the only game that counts towards standings, the other two will be marked as Exhibition.

Q: Why in the first 3 games of the season, we have been scheduled to either play far inferior or far superior teams? Why do you need to display these score disparities on the web for all to see and continue the embarrassment?

A: Each season, we ask the clubs to assemble teams and place (seed) according, to the best of their knowledge,  and at a level they feel would be best pared with other clubs. Approximately 50% of the clubs and coaches have little or no idea where their team should start. In many cases, the league receives the team name and division with NO starting level indicated. Though constant reminders are sent out, often our league begins with no notification or a "wild guess" at best. Also, some coaches who are aware of their placings and submit to their club rep never reaches the league to adjust. 
The scores in the first 3 weeks are displayed on the web for the benefit of the coordinator to review and re-align. After alignment the defaulted games are indicated as 20-0, as well the games where teams are no longer in same divisions or played cross-overs that don't count are marked as exhibition.

Q: We have a gym close to our area, why can't we play some of our games there or at minimum close as possible to our neighbourhood?
A: There are many variables that are involved in scheduling 160+ games each weekend as one can attest. When we decide which gyms to use, unlike the past where they were all concentrated in one area of the HRM, we first try to book gyms geographically spread out in representation of the **club numbers. Second, the gym has to be safe, parking is a factor, spectator seating is another, cost of the rental is another, score equipment access is another, scorekeeper accessibility is another, referee accessibility is another, etc. in most cases we are required to prepay for these rentals. Therefore when we decide what gyms we’re going to use, a good number of them need to be paid in advance. Other factors involved are we assign scorers and referees in blocks of time (3 games per minimum) and we pay for a majority of gyms with a minimum hourly booking, e.g. Required to book in 4 hour blocks - most cases due to custodial requirements. So to play one or two games in your backyard would not be possible.

**In some cases, club's with large number of teams may have limited gyms or gyms are not available for rentals or rental cost exceeds budgeted allowance, referee access, etc. An example of this is Slam teams: there is the SMB Centre, which is unavailable and is too costly, Madeline Symonds which is a P3 school and is too expensive, Kingswood, which us unavailable for required blocks of time. Another large club is Bedford, though Bedford has sufficient gyms, many are P3 (double cost of HRSB), others are unavailable, while still others are not suitable.

Q: Why do we always play our games at distant locations, while others do not?
A: In cases where you usually play at distant locations is as follows: (we request the coordinator to do their best, when possible, to give teams 6 games "away" and 6 games "home". Home sometimes means the closest available slot to the teams area, sometimes it's not so close and / or sometimes it is not possible). 
1. Coordinators are assigned an even (as possible) number of gym slots, geographically located according to their division list(s), based on the criteria for choosing gyms.
2. A portion of gym slots are appointed by the LM, for the coordinator to schedule the highest-level divisions at one location. Effectively limiting the remaining gyms where the geography simply does not work out. Hence the “closest to home” will not be achieved.

The reason for this aspect of gym appointments is the officials association (a completely separate entity from the MBA – contracted out) request that we play the higher levels at one location to enable them to assign the higher level officials, which are limited in numbers, to as few locations as possible. Now to understand why they request this is as follows; there are approx 120 Metro Area Basketball Officials in the HRM, of that number approx. 80 of them referee MBA games. Others may only do High School and up and refuse to officiate MBA for various reasons of they inkling. Of the 80 regular, they consist of 3 main levels 1st / 2nd year officials or Pre-level 1, Level 1 and Level 2 for the most part. Level 2 are the highest and most costly. We play on average 160+ games each weekend; the 80 regular referees will average 2-3 games. Of the 80, the senior or high level referees are very limited and thus we cater to put the high level, most volatile and faster paced divisions at one location for the senior officials.

3. From our gym request, of the HRSB schools, in June to the end of the same calendar year (our break), we on average will change the request / contract no less than half a dozen times for a number of reasons to long to list here. This is yet another reason why after alignments we leave the contracts in place and “as is”. The HRSB through the HRM is very lenient with us, however over the past two years, have cracked down on us for these frequent changes and inserted some strict policies which we must oblige.

4. All this thought into geographical gym selections and reasons why sometimes it does not work out is second to the fact that we sabotage it with two alignment periods. After alignment, the teams and slots may not match up. To counter this, we give the coordinators the right to swap gym slots with other coordinators; often this does not solve the problem.

5. We have many dual coaches in the league, volunteering to coach 2 teams / levels. This often involves 2 coordinators needing to communicate so the coach can be accommodated. In this case, one will book games in AM while the other PM. When this is done, one coordinator may only have 2 or 3 slots in the AM and all are in 1 geographical location, which may not be close.

6. Volunteer coaches with work commitments are another reason similar to above, they may need all AM or PM games and there is no slots available in their team’s area.
7. You team may not have a dual coach nor have a coach who has requested specific times, but they still are relegated to distant gyms for their games because of the other coaches within their same division who does and that the coordinators accommodate, as they should.

Each year we have a 10% complaint rate from teams / clubs on travel within the HRM boundaries. We also have clubs from edge of HRM who have yet to complain and still have no games in their back yard after 20 years in the league!  We are and will try to maintain or decrease this percent as best we can, however it should be known that regardless of the above process, without having our own facilities and the need to rent others, we will have a very small percent that does not like the long weekly drives within the HRM boundaries.

Q: What is the MBA doing about the increasing problems of Parent / Spectator Behavior?
A: We have requested the following from our game officials:

When fans are belligerent or rude, degrading to officials, players and / or coaches, that they stop the game, request both coaches to politely ask the fans to stop their negativity and state that this is the only warning or the referee will stop the game altogether. When it is just a single fan, that person will be asked to leave the gym altogether, upon refusal, the police will be summons to do so.

In cases where parent is of a negative nature to their child or other players, coaches from the sideline on a consistent bases, interferes with the coach(s), will be warned first by the game official or a League Representative and if continues will be asked to leave the gym before the game continues. Suspensions will follow. In cases where Referees do not assist and reports are substantiated, parent / spectator suspensions will be issued.

Q: Do we have to play games out of town against out of town teams?
A: No, you are not obligated to play any games out of the HRM area. However, these teams may ask other teams in their division if they'd like to play and in many instances, teams will prefer to play a team within their division (from out of town) at that teams gym. It is a nice brake and mini road trip for the kids. If this happens, you first need to agree to it, give ample time (minimum 4 weeks notice) to the LM and it must to authorized first to become a scheduled league game. (The home team will need to pay and provide refs and scorers).